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Why Certified Sod?

How do you know you are buying good-quality sod?

Turfgrass is a major investment which can add considerable value in aesthetics and functionality to a property for years. Before making an investment in sod, there are a number of things to consider.

What is cultivated-certified sod?
Grass which is grown by turfgrass specialists for the purpose of lifting as turfgrass sod is referred to as cultivated sod.   Certified sod designates purity. It can be only cultivated sod that is produced from certified or registered grass seed or vegetative material (sprigs). The seed must be examined and tested before it can be planted. Even the soil itself must be examined prior to planting to make certain it contains no noxious weeds, insects, and diseases.   If problems are found, they must be corrected before fields are planted. Once fields are planted they must be maintained to pass further inspections before final certification.

Why is cultivated-certified sod the best buy?
Certified sod is marked with a Blue Tag, which signifies purity and was grown from certified seed of adapted turf grasses. Sod fields have been inspected and found to meet published standards for certified sod.  The certification tag or sticker is the best assurance you can have that the sod being purchased is of a known variety and is essentially pest-free and weed-free.

Who is responsible for certification of sod in Arkansas?
Double Springs fields are inspected by the Plant Industry Division of The Arkansas State Plant Board. Certified Blue Tag / Nursery Plant Inspection Certificates are issued once fields pass inspection.

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