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Our commitment to client satisfaction has made us a recognized leader in the turfgrass industry.

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"Double Springs Grass Farms is a recognized leader in the turfgrass industry.  We have delivered sod for quality lawns for over 25 years.  Our commitment to client satisfaction has made us one of the most respected turf producers in the area."

At Double Springs Grass Farms, we don't compromise on quality.  Since 1974, we have developed a method for growing greener, thicker and better sod.  In fact, we go to extremes to ensure that ours is the most beautiful and healthy sod you can buy.  We sell Certified Sod that guarantees purity and that our sod is Weed free when you receive it.

We provide courteous, prompt and responsible service every time you call.  Our sod is delivered fresh to your door within hours of harvesting and we guarantee that it will be Fresh and Healthy when it reaches you.  In addition, we give you the following:  Sod installation guide, Lawn maintenance schedule, and technical assistance.

We guarantee you the best possible value through quality turf, excellent service and equitable pricing.  Whether we deliver sod to your door or you pick it up at our farm, our sod is priced so that everyone can afford it.  We use Fresh river water for irrigation which is automatically distributed through automated sprinkler systems.  At the same time, soluble fertilizers and micronutrients are injected into the water giving the grass a constant food source.  All this means lower production costs that passes savings on to you.

Golf Courses
We are THE Golf Course turfgrass Professionals
Double Springs Grass Farms started working on golf courses in 1976 and today the golf product line has become most substantial.  Currently, Double Springs Grass Farms has over 2300 acres of sod in production, 100 employees, and a fleet of trucks to accommodate all your golf course needs. 

"Turnkey Grassing Services "

Certified turfgrass*

Turf Renovation & New Construction

Zorro Zoysia*

Big Rolls & Slabs

Diamond Zoysia*

Blended Soils, Sand, & Compost

Meyer Z-52 Zoysia*

Contract Planting

MiniVerde Bermuda*


Celebrity Bermuda*

Greens Covers

Tifway 419 Bermuda*

Greens Planting & Overseeding

Tifgreen 328 Bermuda*

Hydro-seeding, Hydro-sprigging, & Hydro-mulching

Majestic St. Augustine*

Irrigation & Drainage Installation


Laser Grading & Dozer Work

Fescue Blend*

Sod Installation & Strip Sodding


Soil Testing & Fertility Consultation


Sprigging & Plugging


Tillage ; Rough & Finish Grading

Double Springs Grass Farms has been a partner to the builder / landscape industry for over 25 years.  Our wide array of products and services ensure that we can meet any builders or landscapers needs, no matter how large or small.

Our grass varieties page shows the wide range of both warm and cool season grasses that Double Springs Grass Farms can supply to you.  We will deliver the sod, fresh to your job location.

Our long history of quality, certified sod and our willingness to stand behind our products will give you the confidence that your customers will be satisfied.



Certified Diamond Zoysia

Sod Installation

Certified Zorro Zoysia

Irrigation Systems

Certified Meyers Z-52 Zoysia

Maintenance Programs

Certified Celebrity


Certified Tifway 419


Certified Tifgreen 328


Common Bermuda




Certified Majestic St. Augustine*





Blended Soils


*Available in August 2004


Sport Fields
After working in the athletic field industry for several years, TipTop Sports Turf was created as a specialized division of Double Springs Grass Farms to offer full service and cater to the needs of the sports turf industry. 

TipTop Sports Turf
(A Division of Double Springs Grass Farms)

Listed below are some of the products and services that we offer:



Certified Diamond Zoysia

Laser grading

Certified Zorro Zoysia

Drainage Systems

Certified Meyer Z-52 Zoysia

Irrigation Systems

Certified Celebrity Bermuda


Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda


Certified Tifgreen 328 Bermuda

Soil Blending

Certified Majestic St. Augustine





Soil Analysis


Maintenance Programs



Blended Soils



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